Godly Play Canada

So you are curious about Godly Play and you would like to find or build a community for yourself? Godly Play is practiced by people of all ages, in many worshipping communities all around the world. Finding or forming just the right Godly Play community is a worthwhile challenge.

Godly Play Canada maintains relationships with individuals and communities through our network of training events. We encourage you to attend an introductory training and meet a Trainer working in your area. Your Trainer can guide you to a Godly Play community that you can visit.

If you are in Newfoundland:

If you are in the Maritimes:

If you are in British Columbia, Alberta or Saskatchewan:

If you are in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec or the Territories:

Godly Play Canada is a non-profit corporation.

The Godly Play Canada Advisory Board is made up of 8 members from across the country, representing various denominations.

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