Words to Read

Godly Play values the oral tradition of storytelling and the practice of learning the art as a guild craft. That being said, Jerome W. Berryman has written extensively on the art, practice and theology that supports Godly Play. (The following books are published by Morehouse Publishing unless otherwise noted.)

The Complete Guide to Godly Play:
Volume 1: Foundations of practice and theology
Volume 2: Core Sacred Story Lessons of the Old Testament
Volume 3: Core Lessons of Liturgy for Advent/Christmas and Core Parables
Volume 4: Core Lessons of Liturgy for Lent/Easter, Paul and the Church
Volume 5: Tips from long-time Godly Play practitioners
Volume 6: Enrichment lessons of the Old Testament for older children
Volume 7: Enrichment lessons focusing on the Communion of Saints
Volume 8: 15 New Core and Enrichment Stories

For a deeper understanding and support of your practice of Godly Play read:
Teaching Godly Play: How to Mentor the Spiritual Development of Children (2009)
Children and the Theologians: Clearing the Way for Grace (2009)
Godly Play: An Imaginative Approach to Religious Education (1991, Harper-SanFrancisco and 1995, Augsburg)