People to Meet


Godly Play is an art of becoming fluent in religious language. In order to develop this fluency, one must practice it with others. The Spirit is at work in Godly Play through the gathering of the circle of children and the relationships nurtured there. In your local worshipping community, seek out adult education, parent circles or the Godly Play Guild that will help you find your place of meaning. For practitioners, seek out the Godly Play Trainer in your area. They can help you find training circles and local or regional networks that support Godly Play in the larger community.

Godly Play is a “spiral curriculum.” In the circle of Godly Play, the same Core stories are told year after year. Through the retelling of stories at different ages and stages and with different individuals in the circle, we go ever deeper into the stories of our faith, we strengthen our Christian identity, and we trust the Spirit to reveal something new with each telling.

The connections and relationships made possible through the internet, seem to provide endless connectivity. Even individuals in the most remote places or unique situations can find community in the worldwide web.

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