The best way to learn about Godly Play is “from the inside out,” by attending a workshop or training led by an accredited Trainer.

There are several learning options:

Taster or Demonstration – Usually a two- to four-hour session with stories and an introduction to the underlying principles and basics to get started.

Introductory – A daylong event (sometimes including the evening before) with a story from each Godly Play genre (Sacred, Parable, Liturgical), underlying principles, basics to get started, and a hands-on opportunity to work with the materials and learn a story.

Core Training – An intense three-day course in which participants learn and tell a story for supportive feedback and evaluation. Core Training includes three plenary sessions: The Environment, The Spirituality of the Child, and The Community of Children.

Make and Play Days – Usually a daylong event that involves creating materials for a story and practicing storytelling.

Going Further – Two-day sessions for experienced Godly Play leaders who want to deepen their skills and understanding or experience stories from the Enrichment Volumes.

Canadian trainers are exploring ways and means of offering Core Training and other enrichment activities virtually in the coming months. Check out the GP Canada Facebook Page, GP Canada Website for details.


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