Godly Play stories are told with a combination of an oral story and storytelling objects. The stories and movements are learned by heart by the storyteller.

The storytelling objects can be made, gathered, or purchased. The objects are not just visual aids for a story but are there to be played with and explored. Objects are placed on an appropriately coloured felt underlay to help keep the focus. Many of the objects are either kept in baskets, on trays, or in boxes, depending on the story genre.



Church Publishing
The text and instructions for the Godly Play stories are printed in volumes (available from various sources – Godly Play Resources, Amazon and other booksellers), or are available to download as PDF files. You can find the downloadable versions at Church Publishing.

Godly Play Resources
This is the workshop which makes Godly Play materials in the USA and develops prototypes and templates used around the world. You can find details of all that they make by visiting Godly Play Resources. It is possible to order the materials via the internet or by phone and have them shipped to Canada.
Telephone: 1.800.445.4390


Saint Michael’s Cottage Crafts
This Community Trust was established to teach mentally and physically disadvantaged unemployed people how to use woodworking tools and machinery productively, in a friendly and relaxed environment. They offer a wide range of Godly Play teaching products made from natural materials. Details and a price list are available from the website or by phone.
Telephone: 01603.746106


Beautifully hand-crafted materials available here:


Diakonie Leipzig
There is a sheltered workshop near Leipzig which makes the materials. Visit the German website and you will see a UK flag which changes the website into English.