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These are our accredited Canadian Godly Play Trainers:

Anne Clark

Western Canada Coordinator

Anne has been wondering about Godly Play since she was first exposed to a Godly Play story in 2005.  She was accredited as a storyteller in 2006 and as a trainer in 2008.  She marvels at the way children, particularly young boys, respond to Godly Play, opening themselves to their experience of God, finding language about and connection to a great mystery. She delights during trainings in watching adults open themselves to the possibilities for Christian nurture for children, themselves and for their congregations.


Erin Arrowsmith

British Columbia

Erin Arrowsmith is currently Children and Youth Coordinator at Duncan United Church, and has volunteered and worked in children and youth ministry for the past 10 years.  Erin started a Godly Play program at Duncan United in 2006 after attending an Introductory training and became an accredited Godly Play trainer in 2015.  Erin holds Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in history, and believes that helping children and youth build a solid faith background for their lifelong journey is an important part of working with the next generation.  She loves telling the Old Testament Godly Play stories in the desert box, such as The Great Family and Ten Best Ways, because the sound of the People of God walking through the sand always draws the circle of children right into the story.

Mary Nichol

British Columbia

Mary first experienced Godly Play in 2005 and was certified as a Godly Play trainer in 2008.  She is committed to creating sacred and safe space for children to engage and deepen in their relationship with God.

Mary currently serves as Minister with Children, Families and Outreach at Cloverdale United Church in Surrey, BC.

Barbara Hansen

British Columbia

Barbara Hansen was introduced to Godly Play in 2003 and it was love at first sight.  As a certified teacher and trainer, she continues to share her passion, using the stories and concepts as a Diaconal Minister.  It is her belief that the congregation benefits from exposure to Godly Play.  In honouring children, it prepares us to welcome all of God’s children.

Cathy Cryder

British Columbia

Cathy Cryder is Minister with Children, Youth and Families at Dunbar Ryerson United Church. Cathy was introduced to Godly Play in 2003 and was certified as a Godly Play Trainer in 2008. She is moved and inspired by the ways Godly Play creates sacred space and time for children’s encounters with God..

Gaye Sharpe

British Columbia

Gaye Sharpe is a well-known national leader in Children and Family ministry. She brings a wealth of experience and education to this training. Gaye’s use of Godly Play spans over 10 years in three different congregations. Her love of children and her commitment to their faith formation shines through her work as a trainer.

(780) 352 2157

Ruth Lumax

Alberta Coordinator (Alberta Network) (Ruth)

Are you ready to come close to God? Ruth is, most days. And when people come close to Godly Play, lives change! Ruth’s has. From wondering to leading and always wondering, Ruth enters the Godly Play circle as both practitioner (2006),  Trainer (2011) and someone who is passionate about our biblical story.  Ruth is committed to building the circle strong enough to do the work we need to do! She invites you to come close to God through wondering, silence and playful story. Ruth currently serves in ministry leadership at First United Church in Wetaskiwin AB.

Russell Mitchell-Walker


Amy Crawford


Amy Crawford is the Program Coordinator for Children, Young Teens, and Youth with the United Church of Canada. She fell in love with Godly Play nearly 20 years ago when she first she sat on a floor listening to Jerome Berryman tell his stories. Amy was accredited as a Teacher Trainer in 2007. The parables are her favourite genre and she always looks forward to what happens when people knock on the lid and come inside.

Ruth Cairns


Ruth Cairns is an accomplished and recognized educator. An elementary teacher and principal with the Toronto District School Board for 31 years, she has developed innovative learning strategies to support both children and teachers. Ruth was drawn to Godly Play’s exemplary, playful, open-ended methodology and its intense respect for the intelligence and spirituality of the child.

Lindsay Bradford-Ewart


Lindsay Bradford-Ewart is the Associate Minister for Children and Youth at All Saints Kingsway Anglican Church in Toronto, Canada. She has an extensive background in art and media education for people of all ages, and has worked and volunteered in children and youth ministries for nearly 20 years. Lindsay deeply appreciates how Godly Play inspires young people to make faith their own.

Andrew Sheldon


Andrew Sheldon immediately recognized the value of this innovative program and became an early advocate of Godly Play in the Diocese of Toronto and an accredited trainer in 2009. He is an Anglican priest and an experienced adult educator and trainer. Besides being a gifted Godly Play Trainer and Storyteller, Andrew is inventive, playful and thought-provoking. 

Judy Steers


Maya Landell


Maya Landell has diverse experience with children and youth within the United Church of Canada. For many years Maya has been using Godly Play in a variety of settings, including worship. She brings a deep spirituality and sense of play to everything she does. Maya currently serves as the Minister at Inner Kip-Eastwood Pastoral Charge.

Felicite Stairs


Judson Bridgewater


Judson Bridgewater is an Anglican pastor and Canadian Armed Forces chaplain currently serving in St. Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. When not deployed in the field with the troops or engaged in pastoral counseling, Judson enjoys storytelling and wondering, as well as encouraging others to do the same with Godly Play.

‘God came close to Judson and Judson came close to God’ with Godly Play during an intro course in 2011. Since then, he has introduced Godly Play in parish churches in Ontario and Quebec as well as the military chapel. In 2015, he became an accredited Godly Play trainer.

Judson loves how Godly Play connects the stories of God’s people as seen in the Bible, with the child’s own experience of the living God. In doing soGodly Play helps children discover God for themselves and allows the scriptures come alive in a caring and safe environment.

Robert Hurley


Shawn Redden


Shawn is minister at St. Paul’s United Church, Sussex, NB.

Anne Pirie


Anne lives in Sackville, NB and is Godly Play Canada Trainer.

Janice MacLean


Janice is the Creator & Host of the Prayer Bench Ministry.

Nigel Weaver


Nigel Weaver is the Intentional Interim Minister at Trinity-St. Stephen United Church, Amherst, NS.

Cathy Laskey

Maritimes (Maritimes Network) (Cathy)

Cathy Laskey is the Executive Assistant to the Bishop of Fredericton and the Coordinator of Godly Play Maritimes.

Kathy Peddle


Donna Ronan