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***At this time, we are currently reassessing how formal Core Training might take place as no ‘in-person’ training is being undertaken in Canada due to COVID-19***

Canadian trainers are exploring ways and means of offering Core Training and other enrichment activities virtually in the coming months. Check out the GP Canada Facebook Page and this page for details.

 Also check out the Godly Play Foundation website for current webinars/on-line training open to Canadians at:

North American Godly Play Conference: 17-19 June 2021 is ONLINE.  Join Godly Players from around the world, all in the comfort of your own home or office!  For info and registration please see:

You may also seek info from the following:
If you are in Newfoundland:

If you are in the Maritimes:

If you are in British Columbia, Alberta or Saskatchewan:

If you are in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec or the Territories:

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